About David

David Brodzenski, owner and webmaster, DB Web Creations. Another picture of David Brodzenski.

My name is David Brodzenski, the owner and webmaster of DB Web Creations. I live in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and have been designing and implementing websites for over ten years. You can see some of the commercial sites I've done in my Portfolio.

I am well-versed in computers and programming languages. I hold an Associate of Science degree and Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Troy University. I've studied and used HTML 5, CSS 3, C/C++/C#, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET (ASP.NET), Java 8, RSS, XML, JSON, DMQL, and COBOL. I've also studied database design and make extensive use of the SQL language and Microsoft SQL Server. My main focus in programming has been real estate technology. As a result, I'm also very familiar with the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) and the Internet Data Exchange (IDX), having implemented several custom IDX solutions. I closely follow search engine optimization (SEO) and social media trends, and strongly encorage site owners to integrate their websites with social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Blogger, and ActiveRain.

I use Notepad almost exclusively for HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript coding, as well as Visual Studio .NET 2013 for ASP and paint.Net for image work. I use Eclipse when I work with Java.

My site design philosophy is simple: a well-designed, color-coordinated site functions much better and holds more visitors than something flashy with all the latest bells and whistles. Too much scripting or graphics or Flash can bog down a site's loading time, driving away impatient visitors who want what they want NOW. These elements are enormously helpful, but only in moderation. In the constantly evolving space of the World Wide Web, the classic, low-key website design remains the most accessible and most compatible across the wide and varied ecosystem of PCs, mobile devices, smart phones, tablets, and IoT-enabled devices.

I've recently started a new company called Help Me Buy My New Home LLC to coordinate my work in the exciting new field of voice real estate search. I have published two skills on the Amazon Alexa platform using the Alexa Skills Kit: BuyAFloridaVacationHome.com Hot Sheet, an Alexa Flash Briefing skill which reads a daily list of new listings to Alexa users; and Help Me Buy My New Home, a custom Alexa skill that allows users to tell Alexa what kinds of properties they're looking for and have Alexa read descriptions of matching real estate listings. Both of these skills currently only search listings in the northwest Florida area, but several new updates and apps are currently under development, including expanding the base of available real estate listings and extending this voice real estate search technology to Android and iOS mobile devices. I'm very excited about this chapter of my career. Say it, don't click it!